Monday, November 26, 2012

Spann Creek Kennel

Orange and White male from 2012 litter.



We have had American Brittanys for 24 years.  This litter is part our sixth generation of Brittanys.  Traditional, this breeding has resulted in dogs with strong retrieving instincts and a classic gundog range. 

 Spann Creeks Drake

Spann Creek's Scooter
The sire is Spann Creek's Scooter. In all the years that we have had Brittanys, we have never had a dog like him. He is loving and passionate about pleasing us. We use him mainly to hunt quail but also to retrieve doves.  He retrieves to hand and has a soft mouth. He can calmly sleep on the foot of the bed and he can sleep in a dog box without any trouble. Our whole family is crazy about him.

Belle's War Eagle Daisy

The dam is Belle's War Eagle Daisy. We got Daisy a few summers to breed with Scooter.  We particularly wanted a liver and we were happy to be getting a dog with 2xNGDCH/DC/AFC Winchester of Hanging Jaze in her bloodline. Chester was also six time Deep South Dog Of The Year.

Spann Creek's Jasmine

Scooter's mother is Spann Creek's Jasmine. Jazz is a petite Brittany that's proven to be easy to train.  She has a steady temperament.  She's almost ten years old. Hunting here in the hot deep south, Jazz hunts at a moderate speed and can outlast younger dogs that tend to run really hard before burning out. While pregnant with her only litter, she was hit by a truck.  Not only did she survive, but so did all the pups. Jazz points hard and will stay on point for extended periods of time.

Hope's Bourees' Sam "Cooper
Scooter's dad goes by the name "Cooper," although his name is Hope's Bourees' Sam. When I started looking for a dog to breed with Jazz I asked C.M. "Boots" Mitchell for advise.  Boots has been field trialing for at least 40 or 50 years. He also is a guide for Coach Pat Dye's two hunting preserves. He quickly recommended "Cooper". Cooper's owner had been doing some training at Boots' farm and he was impressed with the way he handled. 

Barton Ridge's Valentino 

Jazz's sire was Barton Ridge's Valentino.
I originally sold Valentino to Barton Ridge Hunting Perserve . After Zeke and Shelby, my only Brittanys at the time, died, I wanted the bloodline back. I attempted to buy Val back, only to find out that the owner of the hunting preserve had grown attached to the dog. He was a great addition to their kennel. The preserve received repeat business because of Val. The owner told me that customers would call and book their hunts based on Val's availability. He was reluctant to sell us Valentino, but offered one of his puppies instead. That's how we got Jazz.

Rimarda's Rhapsody's Shelby
Val's mother, Rimarda's Rhapsody's Shelby, was our first real good brittany. We used her in many field trials. Shelby once won 1st place in Missouri, 1st place in Georgia, 1st Place in Alabama and 3rd place in Florida all on consecutive weekends. She was named the Deep South Juvenile Gun Dog Of The Year for 1993-94. She was naturally broke, holding point to wing and shot around a year old in competition. She was very trainable. In just a few days, we had her retrieving balls from the bottom of our pool. She ran like a well-oiled machine. She would burst through briers like it was sage brush. Shelby was by far the most intense dog that we have ever owned.

Rimarda's Rhapsody's Shelby

Spann Creek's Ezekial "Zeke"
While Shelby was field trialing, we wanted a dog to hunt. My wife surprised me with
Spann Creek's Ezekial for Christmas. Zeke was very sweet and close working. We couldn't have asked for a more loving dog. He was happiest when he was curled up next to one of us. He would even sit with our first daughter and watch her color. Many aspects of his personality show up in Scooter.  Their styles are very similar, except Scooter is more intense in the field. Zeke had a laid-back approach to hunting. At field trials, he only brought home ribbons when it was raining.  He wouldn't mess around then. He wanted to get out there, get the work done, and then get back inside where it was warm and dry as soon as possible.


Silver Lake's Yogi
Shelby's Mom was Silver Lake's Yogi. We never really owned Yogi. The owners were professional trainers who trained in North Dakota. She had some field trial success and several good litters. After she stopped competing, we got to keep her while her owners were in N.D. with our Brittany.  She was bred with Rimarda's Rhapsody, son of Rimarda's Trademark.